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Having selected the English Skeet layout we are now ready to practise a complete round or to select an individual target for repetitive practice.

The three dots in the control bar bring up a context sensitive menu providing additional options depending on which simulation is selected.

In the example below "Station 4 Double" has been selected (by clicking on the third square next to "Station 4" on the score card) and we are offered four options after clicking on the three dots - the top one being "Repeat target" which would provide repetitive practice on this target.

DryFire is designed to help you with the hard ones so the repetitive target function is highly recommended.


Selecting "Repeat target" shrinks the list of targets to just this one - "Station 4 Double". The control bar (below the target name) now offers us the single "play" button - we are ready to start!


Clicking "play" will display a microphone indicating that DryFire is ready for you to call "Pull" - so, take up your shooting position and try it.

In the example below, the "Sporting", "Ground Traps" simulation has been selected. The target chosen is simultaneous double with a rising teal and crosser to the right - both from a trap in front of the shooter. The slider has been used to show the positions of the clays, and the aiming points (red crosses), 1.14 seconds into time of flight. The information boxes show the lead required and other details. The rising teal is almost at the top of its travel and is moving very slowly so no lead is required. The crosser is moving at 16.37m/s to the right so 1.14m of lead  ahead is required - plus a very slight amount above.