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The image below shows the result of shooting a round of "Down The Line". The score card shows 25 shots were taken and the score was 24/25 or 72/25 in DTL terms (3 points for a hit with the first shot in DTL) – the fourth target on stand 4 was missed! Clicking on any target on the score card brings up a replay - in this case we can see that the shot was below and to the left of the clay The main view shows the trajectory of the clay and the shot pattern in relation to it. The close up at the bottom of the screen shows the shot pattern in relation to the clay - 0.41m to the left and 0.74m below. The shot was taken 0.96 seconds after calling "Pull" and the shot pattern had travelled 31.1m when it reached its closest point to the clay. The centre of the shot pattern was 0.84m from the centre of the clay at it's closest point - this is the "error" or "aiming error".


If you have the Report Generator add-on you'll be shown a "Statistics" banner in the bottom left of your screen when finishing a round. Clicking this banner brings up the sort of detail that really serious shooters will be interested in.


The example below shows a different background and two shots taken at the same target. The first shot was high and to the left - as shown in the left hand result box. Note the green line at the bottom of the box - this matches the border of the circular image of the shot pattern shown in relation to the clay's trajectory which is displayed as a dashed yellow line. The second shot, with the blue border, was very low and to the left - it was also taken very late with the clay over 52m from the trap.