Руководство пользователя. Расширенная настройка помещения

Most people don't need advanced setup at all. The projection add-on does not require advanced setup. Laser targets and results will not be totally accurate if you have a sloping wall - you need the "slope start" and "slope in" measurements. The room "ceiling height", "left side wall" and "right side wall" measurements are used by the software to display accurate angular speed when a laser target starts or ends on a side wall or on the ceiling - for example wide crossers or very high incoming/outgoing birds. Important note: you don't have to enter anything relating to the screen size because this is established during projection setup after you have laser targets working. Initially you set up only these distances:

 simulator to wall/screen,

 simulator from floor,

 shooter from wall/screen.

Advanced setup: reached from "Calibration", "Full calibration", "Calibrate"; allows you to enter additional values to tailor the system for the room. Please look carefully at the drawing below which shows how the measurements relate to the room.


Shooter eye height: don't change this - it is calculated automatically when you carry out muzzle alignment by shooting at the upper Post-it note. Right of shooter: if you cannot stand directly behind the simulator, measure how far you are to the right or left of it. Enter a positive value if you are to the right or a negative value if you are to the left. (+0.50m in drawing.) Room ceiling height: the floor to ceiling height. (2.40m in drawing.) Slope start: the height above the floor where any inward facing slope starts. (1.36m in drawing.) Slope in: how far the top of the slope extends into the room. (0.93m in drawing.) Left side wall: the distance from the simulator to the left wall. (2.00m in drawing.) Right side wall: the distance from the simulator to the right wall. (2.00m in drawing.) Ceiling mounted: click this if your simulator is mounted upside down to the ceiling.

Note: this has nothing to do with a ceiling mounted projector used with the optional projection add-on. DryFire doesn't care where a projector is mounted - as long as it produces a clear rectangular image directly in front of the simulator.