Руководство пользователя. Поддержка

Распространенные ошибки

Check the trouble shooter page of the web site to see if your problem is dealt with there: https://wordcraft.com/trouble_shooter

Please also check the web page dedicated to requesting technical support: https://wordcraft.com/tech_support

Отправка запроса в поддержку

DryFire maintains a log of everything it does and everything you do – as well as a list of all current settings. It is vital that your support request includes this log so our support staff can identify the problem and provide a rapid response. While the DryFire software is running, preferably just after your problem occurs, please click on:

 "Settings",

 "Support"

 "Contact support".

СКРИНШОТ 18.2-1-Поддержка

Enter your email address then a brief description of the problem - sufficient for us to reproduce it. When you click on "Send" your report will be sent to us along with a DryFire log which will help us find out what the problem is. We will respond by email.

СКРИНШОТ 18.2-2-Поддержка-запрос

Расширенные опции поддержки

More advanced support options are available via "Settings", "Support" "Advanced", "More options". You may be asked by our support department to use the functions shown on the screen below:

 Exercise servos: this will move the servo motors through their length of travel.

 Test points: this allows the lasers to be moved to specific points in front of you (see the next screen).

 Check projector settings: this is used to check your projector is displaying the complete image generated by DryFire (see below).

 Adjust head 2: this allow you to move the laser dot generated by head 2 (the one on the right when facing the wall) to coincide with the one generated by head 1 (see below).

СКРИНШОТ 18.3-1-Поддержка

The "Test points" screen allow you to move the lasers to specific points in front of you. The locations should match the measurements you entered for "Simulator to wall", "Simulator from floor" and "Shooter to wall." If things are way out you should check your measurements via the "Setting", "Calibration", "Full calibration" screen. Don't worry if the two lasers don't always coincide with one another - this is quite normal.

СКРИНШОТ 18.3-2-Поддержка-2

The "Check projector settings" screen allows you to check:

 That you are using "extended mode" with the image on your PC being different from the one projected. You are using "duplicated mode" if they are the same - this won't work.

 That your projector is showing the complete image with no cropping.

СКРИНШОТ 18.3-2-Поддержка-проверка настроек

The "Adjust head 2" screen allows you use the on-screen movement pad to move the laser dot generated by head 2 to coincide with the one generated by head 1.

СКРИНШОТ 18.3-3-Поддержка-другое-2