Руководство пользователя. Настройки

Select "Settings" from the bottom left of the screen to configure how the software functions.

СКРИНШОТ 11.1 – НАСТРОЙКИ - калибровка


Click on "Alignment" then "Align current shooter" and follow the alignment procedure above.

 Click on "Shot detection" then "Adjust shot detection" if your shots are not being seen or the system is reporting random shots.

Make sure no direct light reaches the wall/screen Check windows, doors, ceiling lights and wall lights - and possible reflections. Use the compass rose to move the camera head around and try shooting at the area it is pointing to. You should see the "SHOT" message if the system detects your shot. If your shot isn't detected, drag the white spot slightly to the right to increase the camera sensitivity then try again. You must find the maximum sensitivity without the system seeing background light. If you can't get the right setting there will almost certainly be stray light reaching the wall or screen.

 Click on "Full Calibration" then "Calibrate" to set up and check all measurements and to do muzzle alignment.


Select a background from the list provided.


Things can look very small on the screen, particularly clays! Scaling things up makes them easier to see but it doesn't change the accuracy of the system - clays aren't really bigger (unfortunately!), they just look bigger on the screen! Increase "Results text scaling" (say, 250%) when using laser targets if your PC screen is some distance from your shooting position - this will make it much easier to see the result of each shot.

СКРИНШОТ 11.3-1 – НАСТРОЙКИ – масштабирование

Выпуск мишеней

The normal method of release is acoustic (calling "Pull") using the microphone in the simulator or in a PC/laptop. Call "Pull" as you adjust the threshold - the system will respond to show it has heard you by showing "PULL" in a red box. When not using the acoustic release, select "Auto release" and the number of seconds the system should wait (after showing the results of the previous shot) before releasing the next target. You can create a "Wait time" - forcing you to dismount and relax for a few seconds between targets. DryFire can generate a short random "Release delay" after calling "Pull" to simulate a human buttoner. Note: some simulations will impose a random delay anyway - because that's what's in the rule book!

СКРИНШОТ 11.3-2 – НАСТРОЙКИ – выпуск цели


You can change the screen color of the clay and it's scaling - the on-screen size, not the real world size!

Changing speed makes things interesting but can lead to strange results since going faster will improve your reaction times but the amount of lead required is not changed The "View" option allows you to select different types of clay and to see the very complex data that defines them. It is this data that enables DryFire to accurately reproduce the paths followed by clays in the real world.

The ability to speed up or slow down a clay was added at the request of DryFire users but it is not as simple as it looks. The real world speed of a clay is determined by the spring tension on a trap.

In DryFire the spring tension is defined in the simulation file according the rule books - this cannot be changed. Changing the speed in this screen is like a slow motion or fast motion function - it doesn't change the spring tension. The clay will appear to be going slower or faster but things like the lead required do not change. So, be careful when speeding up or slowing down clays using this function - you could learn bad habits because the amount of lead will look wrong.

СКРИНШОТ 11.3-3 – НАСТРОЙКИ – Мишени


For a complete description click, on the small circle containing an "i" next to each option.

СКРИНШОТ 11.6-1 – НАСТРОЙКИ – Результаты


DryFire will generate gusts of wind from zero up to the speed specified and from the direction specified. Set the direction by dragging the white dot on the slider or by entering a value directly - in degrees. Zero would be wind coming from the North, 180 would be from the south.



You can select what level of helpful voice messages DryFire should provide through your PC/laptop speaker. It can also simulate the sound made by the trap when the clay is released. An echo sound can be played when the clay reaches a certain distance - perhaps the distance at which the energy from the pellets would be insufficient to break it.



Select language and measurement system: Metric (metres) or Imperial (inches).

Доп. Модули

This displays a list of optional software add-ons enabled in your copy of DryFire. It also allows you to enter the "key" provided by Wordcraft when you purchase an add-on. See the next chapter about installing add-ons


"Out of ammo" means you have fired both barrels and at least one target is still moving.

 You can "Wait for targets" to reach the ground, "Skip" straight to seeing the results of your shots, or set a "Timer" before showing the results. The timer starts from when you took your last shot.

 "Lasers on projection" defines when laser targets should be used with the projection add-on. "Auto" lets DryFire decide so it uses lasers for targets that won't fit within the projection area.

 "Projection menu" enables or disables a menu on the projection screen.

СКРИНШОТ 11.11-1 – НАСТРОЙКИ – Другое