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Gun motion tracks and displays the path of your gun barrel from just before you call "Pull" until just after you fire your shot(s). This makes it ideal for checking the smoothness of your gun motion and for ensuring that you follow through and don't stop the gun after the shot(s).

Важная информация

The Gun Motion add-on works with the plastic cylindrical/tubular version of the DryFire Universal Gun Assembly (UGA) with an "Avoid exposure" sticker on the laser. It does not work with the older, metal version. Please contact us if you have the older version of the UGA.


You need:

 The latest version of the DryFire software.

 Bluetooth must be enabled on your smartphone/tablet.

 Access to wifi. You PC and your smartphone/tablet must to be connected to same wifi router.

 The Gun Motion add-on - purchased and installed.

 The free Gun Motion app installed on an Apple or Android smartphone/tablet.

You will require Apple iOS 12.4 or later or Android 6.0 or later.

For Apple: https://apps.apple.com/nz/app/dryfire-gunmotion/id893116995

For Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wordcraft.dryfire5gunmotion

Important! Your smartphone or tablet must have been manufactured after the beginning of 2017 to ensure that its Bluetooth hardware will work with DryFire Gun Motion.

Использование поводки

Please do things in the following order:

 Check your PC and smartphone/tablet are connected to wifi and that Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone/tablet.

 Ensure your Universal Gun Assembly (UGA) is fully charged, mounted and switched off.

 Run the DryFire software on your PC.

 Run the Gun Motion app on your smartphone/tablet.

 Switch on the UGA.

 Within a few seconds the smartphone/tablet app will connect to the UGA via Bluetooth.

СКРИНШОТ 16.3-1 – APPS – iOS / ANDR Screen

During use the app will show how your gun is pointing - cant (roll) and pitch (up/down).

 Next the app will connect to the DryFire software via wifi and the bottom left of the PC screen will show that gun motion as active.

СКРИНШОТ 16.3-1 – APPS – iOS / ANDR Screen – GunMotion screen

Your smartphone/tablet will display a cant indicator so put it safely to one side so you can keep an eye on it. Gun motion data will appear after you take a shot - on your PC screen or projection screen if you are using the Projection add-on.

 The app may also be used to set up parameters within the UGA - see the main User Guide for more details.

 You may now carry out muzzle alignment before selecting a layout/target as normal.

 Make a mental note of your hold point before each shot - the point your gun is pointing at when you call "Pull" - you will need this later.

 Call "Pull" and shoot as normal.

Анализ после выстрела

After taking your shot the gun motion tracks will be displayed:

СКРИНШОТ 16.4-1 – APPS – iOS / ANDR Screen – анализ выстрела

The yellow track shows gun movement before you called pull. the green track shows movement before you fired and the grey track shows movement after firing.  Below the "Gun motion is active" message you wil see a slider.

СКРИНШОТ 16.4-2 – APPS – iOS / ANDR Screen – анализ выстрела – 2

Use your mouse or tracker pad to drag the slider so the blue dot is at your hold point. The blue dot represents the point your gun was pointing at when you called "Pull".

 The gun motion data for each target is stored along with the hit/miss data. You can display any target by simply clicking on it in the score card.

СКРИНШОТ 16.4-2 – APPS – iOS / ANDR Screen – поводка