Руководство пользователя. Дополнительный модуль «Конструктор сценариев»

After adding Designer to your system a new choice, "+ New", will appear in the bottom left corner of the simulation selection box.


Click and select an existing playlist or "New playlist" to start a new one. A "playlist" is simply a list of targets you create yourself - like a "layout".#

СКРИНШОТ 13.1-2 – СЦЕНАРИИ – Новый плейлист

Give your playlist a name ("My targets" in the example below) then select «Select either from library «or» New target". »Select from library" allows you to select any target from any of the simulations provided with DryFire.

СКРИНШОТ 13.1-3 – СЦЕНАРИИ – Новый плейлист – новая цель

"New target" allows you to create, and name, a new singles or doubles target. You will see a preview as you edit any of the settings for the target. In the example below:

 The target is called "Trap 1"

 The clay type is "Standard"

 The trap is 1m to the right of the straight-ahead position and 0m above the shooter's position.

Increasing the "Above" value will put the trap on a "tower".

 The horizontal direction of release is 27.22 degrees to the right of straight ahead. Adjustment was done by dragging the white dot and looking at the preview.

 The vertical angle of release is 61.86 degrees - again, adjusted with the white dot.

 the clay will be released at 20 m/s.

СКРИНШОТ 13.1-4 – СЦЕНАРИИ – Новый плейлист – добавление новой цели

"Select from library" allows you to select targets from any existing DryFire simulation - skeet in the example below. Give your selected target a name.

СКРИНШОТ 13.1-4 – СЦЕНАРИИ – Новый плейлист – выбор дисциплины и цели